Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our 6 Year Anniversary ("The Moment It Happens")

Back to College Ave! I arrived early in the morning to Rexburg Idaho... just a bit past midnight June 23rd 2005. I slept over at my brother's apartment and then at 8:30am I went across the street to meet my destiny. Stefy who lived at 137 up College Avenue told me to sit on the porch and she would bring me french toast and milk for breakfast.

This is the house.... this is the porch.... the origanal ghetto porch chair is still there to this day. I sat on it as I ate my breakfast on the left side of the porch.

Here I am exactly six years later.... eating my french toast. We both wore exactly what we were wearing the moment we met.

Out came Connie brushing her teeth and looking good! That was the moment I met my wife and best friend.

And the rest is history folks....

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