Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Great Wedding

Yesterday was the big day! We headed down for Josh and Lolli's Sealing in the Logan Temple. Some bums off the street decided to decorate their car. How rude.

Aren't they dignified?

Another wonderful pair dancing after everyone else headed home.

Here we are with Grandpa Hamblin.

Relay For Life

This isn't a very good picture but it is the only one we snapped. We just stopped by quickly to attend the opening for the rely for life and walk with Connie for the survivors lap.

Our 6 Year Anniversary of Our First Date

On our first date we went to Little Caesars and bought crazy bread. After, we went down to the cheap theaters and toilet papered Randals car while he was on a hot date with Stefy. We took pictures and then loaded them onto Amanda's computer and waited for them to spy them on the screen saver while we played a game the next day. This time we saved our toilet paper for the wedding so that we could decorate Josh and Lolli's car.

Picture for the Family Archive

The College Avenue Street sign.....

Now, I lived in Centenial, not on College Ave but just one street over.

This is where I would walk through the bushes as i headed home each night from Connie's and Stefy or Kari's place.

These are the Davenport apartments where Kurt and Kiel lived.

This is where Kat used to live.

This is another house we spent some time at.... I think Stefy lived here for a semester or two.

This is where Mom used to live back in the day; right after the Teton flood of 1976.

And this is 137! Where we met for the first time when Connie was roomates with Stefy and later roomates with Kari.

Our 6 Year Anniversary ("The Moment It Happens")

Back to College Ave! I arrived early in the morning to Rexburg Idaho... just a bit past midnight June 23rd 2005. I slept over at my brother's apartment and then at 8:30am I went across the street to meet my destiny. Stefy who lived at 137 up College Avenue told me to sit on the porch and she would bring me french toast and milk for breakfast.

This is the house.... this is the porch.... the origanal ghetto porch chair is still there to this day. I sat on it as I ate my breakfast on the left side of the porch.

Here I am exactly six years later.... eating my french toast. We both wore exactly what we were wearing the moment we met.

Out came Connie brushing her teeth and looking good! That was the moment I met my wife and best friend.

And the rest is history folks....

A String of Birthday Parties

(Stay tuned for pictures)

Garage Sale, Cake, and a Rainbow

When we got home one day from work we found a surprise on our doorstep. Some of our new friends thought to make Mack (please notice the "K" which did not make it onto the rich chocolate cake) a cake just becuase he is awesome.

We had a very busy day last Saturday (June 18th) having a huge garage sale with some of our neighbors and friends. We visited with eachother and had a great time in between making tons of sales. We were happy that we made more than we thought we would and still have quite a bit more to sell at our next garage sale.

Last Sunday we looked out one of our windows and saw a rainbow so we took a picture of it to share with everyone.

Mesa Fall with Mom and Larry

After Jen's endownment we took a trip to Mesa Falls. We love spending time with family and exploring the world around us. After we went back home and played games and had a great weekend together.

The Chill n' Spill

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Easter Game