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Our Mayhem Adventures

Welcome to my personal favorite spot on the blog, the place where we, Mack and Connie, share all those crazy adventures we have had together. Some are serious, some are well... not, and others will make you rethink your IQ and sanity levels. So go ahead, read through a few and let us know what you think...

Just a little introduction...

Okay... I thought I, Connie, would write a little introduction to us (Mack and Connie). With a bit of help from me, Mack. We met three years ago (June 2005). The 26th. I was at BYU-Idaho, and roommates with his sister Stefanie who I just met in May of the same year. Stef and I were living on College Ave. in a house with 4 other girls. 137 up was the stage of the first act.

In June, my studly sunshine graduated from high school in West Rutland, Vermont and soon flew out west to start school at BYU-Idaho. I was way psyched to start school. At the time I met Mack, Stef was just starting to date Randal (her current husband). Oh, this workedout perfectly! While Stef was out on her dates, Mack and I "hung-out". At times we would go with Stef and Randal, sometimes with some of my other roommates or friends, but most of all, we would just get together and have mayhem adventures, you know, just the two of us. Those were the best ones, just us. I hardly thought of us as "dating" ...whatever worked... but now that I look back, I realize that we really were "dating". Funny how that happened. We had quite a bit fun and some amazing adventures together. Like what? Well, just to name a few, toilet papering/seran wrapping Randal's car, baking cookies, bridge jumping, baking peach cobbler, a flour fight, baking brownies, and so much more baking desserts. True. All in all, awesome adventures. I really liked when we went on our road trips. I got to meet all of Connies immediate family members at one time or another. All great people. One of my favorite road trips was when we went to Wyoming to visit with the grandparents over Thanksgiving break. We left at like midnight, and drove through the night. Several times we went home to Montana. This wonderful family, the Giles family, was always there and it was wonderful to meet all of them too. The Giles kids are so cool. These little guys are like Connies little siblings.

I loved getting to know Connie, she is always full of light and smiles. I took a night class with her in the fall, just so I could have an excuse to spend more time with her. The movies, the notes, the drama unfolding as time went on... okay, I think they got the picture Mack. This is how I saw things. Mack and I became really good friends, actually BEST friends. We did everything and anything together, everyday. I ended up staying at school during the fall as Mack mentioned before, and took a couple of night classes while working full time. I had taken Mack and Stefanie home to Montana a time or two. He met my family but I thought nothing of it. Then Christmas break came and we were separated. We talked on the phone and emailed. I thought that Mack was going to stay in Vermont and work until he went on his mission in the spring. After Christmas break, one of Mack's other sisters, Kari, came to be my new roommate while Stefanie was back in VT working. I went to go pick up Kari and her brother Kiel from the bus stop....when out of nowhere Mack came from the crowd and gave me a big HUGE hug. I was so happy that I just SCREAMED. My Mack was back! Unfortunitly, Mack only stayed in school until the time he went on his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that March. Guadalajara Mexico was truely blessed.

It was so hard to say goodbye, but I knew we would stay in contact and see each other in a couple of years. I remeber when Connie, Kari, and Kiel went with me to report into the MTC. After the introductory video, it was time say our last goodbyes. I shook Connies hand, a bit tight in fact, and gave my sibling, Kari and Kiel, a hug before I walked away. The exit door wasn't really that far from where we were, but the walk was one I will never forget. I only made it halfway. I had to take one last look at her. I looked, I stopped, I went back. Looking into her eyes, and shaking her hand for the last time (way too tight), I said goodbye. With that I turned and took that two-year walk away from my Connie. Before I made it to the door that day, I made a promise. A promise that in my opinion made all the difference for the sucess of the mission. I promised to sacrifice a few things that I held to myself, if He would adhnce my talents, abilities, and powers. The Lord remeinded me of His promise too. That... was my secret.

While my mission began, Connie was getting ready for hers. Thats right. The day after Mack entered the MTC, I got my mission call to the California Ventura Mission. I would be leaving May 31, 2006 (just a couple of days AFTER Mack flew out to Mexico). The Lord loves us. We wrote to each other off and on throughout our missions. At times more, at times not so much.

November of 2007 I came home from my mission. 18 months flew by. I was home for about 6 weeks before going back to school. In January of 2008 I was once again a full time student at BYUI as well as working part time. I was doing the best I have ever done in school. Then, March 31, 2008 came along and Mack flew home from Mexico to his home in Vermont. That was a crazzy day. He was home for a short while and then flew out west to see his sister Stefanie graduate. Thats what Mack said. April 9, 2008 I saw my hansome man, Mack, for the first time in over 2 years, and it was wonderful to reunite! Yup. We hung out the rest of the week catching up, just like good old times. On Saturday, April 12, 2008 Mack and I went on what I thought was going to be a 5 min. walk to the bank ...nope, guess again babe... but the walk ended up being more like 5 hours. Oops. We talked about our relationship and where it was going. Mack told me he wanted to marry me, and I said okay! She said "oh-yeah"!

Sunday, April 13, 2008 Mack, Kiel, and Stefanie went to church with me, to hear me give a talk. Great talk by the way. Then after church, I drove up to Montana. I went home and told my family and close friends that I was getting married....and they were in shock. We wanted to put everything in its place, so Mack didn't tell his family until Mothers day ...and they were in shock.... more some than others.

Currently Mack is in Big Sky, Montana working and saving up some money. I (Connie) am at BYU-Idaho as a full time student and working part time. We are miles apart, which is hard, but our friendship and love continue to grow. Yes, it does.

Memorial day weekend I went up to Big Sky, MT and Mack and I bought our rings, officially got engaged and took our engagement pictures. In the mean time I have bought my dress, worked on our wedding announcements and much more.

Connie has come to visit several times, I have have gone to see her in Rexburg too, with her father Kerry and sister Jen. I also got to meet Liz and see Bryan, Connies brother, again too. We always have a blast. Our last adventure happened today, the 21st of July. This is the last time we will see eachother before we go out to Vermont and get married in Washington DC. Four weeks, and yes, we are counting.

The big day is August 22nd, 2008 in the Washington, D.C. temple. Then Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 is our Vermont reception, and August 30th, 2008 is our Montana reception. Mack will be going to school full time in the fall and I will be working full time and start school again in January. Well, exact details are still up in the air, but we will be fine. We got faith.

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