Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Two Month Mark

Well... we have survived thus far so we thought we would try it for another few months. Yup, we are having a blasting with all the "new discoveries" which come with the married life. It is so much fun getting to know eachother even better each and everyday. It really seems like we have been married for so much longer than just two months.... like we have always been together. We find this quite special. We could pal around forever.

So far we have been good at our family and personal gospel studies, prayers, and Family Home Evenings. I am so lucky to have a personal tutor in the ways of the Lord. The most amazing exsperiances are had when we come together to learn, teach, and grow. The Spirit is only one of the reasons we love are home.

Sunday dinners are always fun and quite a blast. Last Sunday we had two old friends from Vermont come over for dinner. One with her spouse (Missy and Markez) and the other with his fiance (Kevin and Laura). Also, we had a treat to have Sheila Woods come for dinner and a chatting session too. She is an amazing individual with a very animated personality which we all love. This was the best Sunday dinner party we have ever had thus far. We all shared our stories and laughed and cried together. The spirit was so strong! It was absolutly amazing! If only every dinner was likewise. We were are sanctified by the exsperience. The gospel is true, we all felt the spirit as a witness. It is true that there is so much to learn and exsperience. Eternal Life will not prove boring. I love those guys!

The Chill n' Spill

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